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This is a historical archive for Tom & Rick Sutherland, Wheel Works Racing, Sutherland Racing and ClickAway Racing

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The name may be new to you, but ClickAway Racing has actually been around for a long time. For now the site serves as a historical archive as Rick and Tom have both retired from racing. It all started back in 1982 when Rick Sutherland formed Wheel Works Racing. The name changed to Sutherland Racing in 1999 after Rick sold Wheel Works and then in 2002, with the launch of Rick's newest company ClickAway Racing was born.

We hope you enjoy our website.

In addition to Rick Sutherland and Tom Sutherland, other notable drivers have included:

  • Jon Field
  • Dean Hall
  • Clint Bergst
  • Stanley Dickens
  • Steve Fossett
  • Jeff Gray
  • Dan Marvin
  • Jim Pace
  • Orly Hatfield
  • Rod Bennett
  • Bob Shader